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  • Q.How Can You Wash Without Water?
    (Why won't it scratch?!)

    A.Kleen Freak™ tech is a unique emulsion, on contact, it breaks the bond of dirt to the paint surface. The unique emulsion suspends the grit in a very slippery film which is safely picked up like a magnet with the professional micro fiber towels.  The micro fiber towel safely traps the grit and keeps it away from the paint finish as you clean the car.

  • Q.What's the difference between Kleen Freak 10 Minute Detail and washing with a bucket in the driveway?

    A.When doing a traditional driveway bucket wash most people “wing it” and use household items that in almost all cases can cause, short term and long term, damage to the paint finish. Kleen Freak™ TOTALLY eliminates all of the hassle of a driveway wash and safely cleans, shines and protects in one step in 10 minutes!   You stay clean and you get a clean car!

  • Q.Can I use Kleen Freak in the Winter?

    A.Yes!  Kleen Freak™ will not freeze and is ideal to clean road grit from your paint finish in the winter.  It is way more gentle on your paint finish than taking to a automatic car wash.  The spinning bristles coated with the dirt, salt and grit from hundreds of cars the went before your car is precisely  where most all cars sustain micro scratching known as “spider” scratches. The type you see on a sunny day when you look into the paint and it makes the finish look dull.

  • Q.Why Shouldn't I Take My Car To The Automatic Car Wash?

    A.Great question and one most people are completely unaware of. There is, of course, obvious damage from poorly trained workers or machinery. However there is a “Silent Paint Finish Killer” and it is inevitable and it does not take years, it can happen in as little as a few months. The “Silent Killer”  is the dulling damage from the build up of  dirt and  grit on the spinning brushes and wiggle strips from hundreds of cars the went before your car. This is precisely where most all cars sustain micro scratching known as “spider” scratches. The type you see on a sunny day when you look into the paint and it makes the finish look dull.

  • Q.What Is The Kleen Freak Experience?

    A.The Kleen Freak Experience™ is a unique one of kind program that delivers to your door step each month the safest and fastest way to clean your car and keep it looking like brand new for years!

  • Q.How Do I Canel My Membership?

    A.It’s easy to cancel at anytime!  There is no obligation to continue your monthly delivery. We are super easy to get a hold of.   Simply email or call us up to stop your program.  We are NOT Verizon 🙂  I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY!