How Kleen Freak™ Works!

Kleen Freak™ 10 Minute Detail

Kleen Freak™ 10 Minute Detail is a completely "HOSE FREE" product.   Clean, Wax and Seal your paint finish in one step.  It is hands down THE safest way to clean your delicate new car finish!

Kleen Freak™ 10 Minute Detail is now offered in a program that will deliver it to you door step every month!   Forget the mess, forget the hassle forget the hose!  You can have a clean and protected car in minutes anytime and anywhere!

Kleen Freak™ Miracle Wash


Kleen Freak™ Miracle Wash is another unique cleaning product but  different than Kleen Freak™ 10 Minuted detail in that it is designed for a really dirty or muddy vehicle.   Many of my customers love it in the Winter when the car gets loaded with road grit and grim from snow and rain.   It is super safe and you can use it in freezing temperatures and it will not freeze.

It only takes  3 gallons of water in one bucket and  1 oz of Miracle Wash  - its a NO HOSE rinse wash.  So this means you clean the entire car with just 3 gallons of water and dry immediately when the finish is still wet.  The formula will not spot or streak like old fashion car shampoo!
*No hose pre-wetting and No hose rinse*

NOTE:  Kleen Freak™ Miracle Wash is not part of the Kleen Freak Experience™ program and can be purchased separately on a "as needed" basis.  Customers like to add Miracle Wash to their cleaning arsenal during the winter or summer if your car gets really dirty.  It is especially awesome when the front of your vehicle gets super loaded with dry bugs.  It will make them come off with almost no effort at all.