CAUTION: The 3 Most Common *Innocent* Car Washing Mistakes
*These mistakes are so common it's scary & they WILL cause SERIOUS damage to your paint finish.
(Give me just 4 minutes and they will never happen to you!

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Learn How To Avoid These 3 Disastrous Mistakes When Washing Your New Car
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Ambyr H.

I am loving all of the Kleen Freak, as it is easy and convenient for my lifestyle (aka condo living and limited garage space). Thanks again for everything!

Ambyr H. Cincinnati, Ohio
Brian E.

Hi Karl,
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say happiness is two recently Kleen Freaked cars! Black cars no less.
I just finished applying the Miracle Wash to both vehicles, & wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you showing me a thing or two about keeping my cars looking so freaking great!
Thanks, Karl!

Brian E.

Kleen Freak™ 10 Minute Detail

Clean - Wax - Sealant  in One Step!

  • BAM! Makes Your Car Clean in 10 Minutes or Less!
  • No Mess, No Hassle, NO HOSE!
  • Just Waxed Lusterous Shine!
  • Automatic Sealant Protection!
  • NO SCRATCH FORMULA - Extreme Care For Delicate Clear Coat Finishes!
  • Cutting Edge Tech

    Kleen Freak™ 10 Minute Detail lifts dirt from the surface with a cutting edge emulsion and safely suspend dirt and grit in a super slippery film.  The dirt is picked up like a magnet and trapped safely inside the fibers of the unique micro fiber towel.  Then a simple quick buff or two and viola,  a jaw dropping shine.

  • Fast and Easy

    Kleen Freak™ 10 Minute Detail is a one step process that cleans,waxes,protects!  It is the most modern way to safely and quickly clean the paint finish on your delicate clear coat finish.

  • Automatic Protection

    Kleen Freak™ 10 Minute Detail  leaves a synthetic sealant on your paint finish that delivers protection from bugs, bird splats and UV.  Zero mess, you can clean and shine your car anytime anywhere you can even do this in your party dress or tuxedo!

  • Guaranteed Smiles!

    The Kleen Freak™ Technology is GUARANTEED to put a BIG smile on your face every time you walk up to your car, truck or SUV.

Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face Or Your Money Back!

Unconditional no questions 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not simply amazed at how incredible your vehicle looks after using Kleen Freak™, you will receive your full purchase price back.
PLUS you don’t even need to return the Kleen Freak!